"Stop jumping moons for people who wont cross the street for you"
- My mom. (via ajeebinsaan)

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"Never chase love, affection, or attention. If it isn’t given freely by another person, it isn’t worth having."
- Unknown (via affectiontoxin)

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"I go through phases. Somedays I feel like the person I’m supposed to be, and then somedays, I turn into no one at all. There is both me and my silhouette. I hope that on the days you find me and all I am are darkened lines, you still are willing to be near me."
- Mary Kate Teske  (via fawun)

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ok so how do you continue a conversation after saying hello

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"I, to you, am lost in the gorgeous errors of flesh."
- Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals (via kushandwizdom)
"My problem was that no one ever needed me as much as I needed them."
- (58/365) by (KJ)

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"Oh you were beautiful, when your hair was a mess and your face a wreck. You were beautiful when you slept and when you wept. You were beautiful when you never thought you were, because I saw you in those moments, I saw all of you; and oh how I loved you."
- T. B. LaBerge, Unwritten Letters to You (via blissfulbeardsdoitbest)

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